Church Ministries


TBDI is a theological seminary designed to teach men and women the word of God, to train those who have been called to the ministry, and to assist those who are already in the ministry. TBDI operates as a correspondence school, making it possible for students to earn a non-accredited, college level Theological Degree, while remaining active in their local church. For more information, please visit


God has given us some great youth at our church! Please visit our Youth Ministry page to learn more.


We at BBBC appreciate the time our pastor spends with God laboring in His word to find the message He would have us to hear. God has allowed us the opportunity to record the Preacher’s sermons each week, and to make these sermons available free of charge. Sermons are available for download at


For over 14 years the members of BBBC have been ministering to the residents of a local Nursing Home. Those who are able to attend, meet at the nursing home at 10am every Tuesday morning, where we preach, pray, and sing with those residents who are unable to attend regular church services. These “mini-services” have been a blessing to those at the nursing home, but we are the ones who receive the real blessing. If you would like to be a part of this ministry, contact Bro. Roger H. at BBBC.


For the past 20 years, BBBC has spent two weeks each summer traveling to prisons in Florida. We preached the gospel and distributed Bible study material to inmates with Dr. Ruckman. God has allowed us to see a large number of inmates saved through this ministry. Along with these yearly meetings, those inmates who wished to learn the Bible and grow in the Lord could request to be a part of our correspondence program. Bro. Brian C. handles the prison ministry materials and works to send these study programs to all who desire to learn more about Jesus Christ and his word. If you would like to assist or take part in the labor or the financial support, please correspond with the church or speak with Bro. Brian C. Although we will not do our yearly prison ministry now that Dr. Ruckman has passed, the correspondence program will continue as long as the Lord wills it to do so.